Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dayton, or Not Dayton?


This week flew by super fast!  Let me try to remember some highlights...

One of the families we are teaching has started gathering appliances and then selling them to other Hispanics in the area, so one day this week we went and helped them deliver a washer and a stove to two different families.  It sure makes finding the Hispanics a lot easier when you're driven directly to their houses and then invited right in!  We'll see if anything comes of our efforts...

Elder Taylor and I decided this past week that to help us speak in Spanish more we would have a competition.  If one of us catches the other saying something in English, the person who spoke English gets a point.  When P-day comes around, whoever has the most points has to buy the groceries.  I'm pretty sure I lost this past week...  But it's helped me out a lot.  We talk with a lot of people in English every day, so sometimes it's difficult automatically reverting back to Spanish after a long conversation in English.  So yeah, the Spanish abilities continue to improve!

This week we found an amazing family!  We were walking on down the street waiting for a member to pick us up when a girl turned the corner and started walking towards us.  We started talking to her, and she was very interested in what we had to say.  We told her that we teach people who speak Spanish, but we could have the English missionaries pass by her house.  She said: "But I speak Spanish."!  Turns out she is from Puerto Rico!  So we came by later that night and taught one of the most powerful lessons about the Restoration that I have ever taught.  We found out that her and her brother's Dad had died a few years ago, so we taught to that need, and they were super excited about everything we shared.  As we looked back over our day, we could see the hand of the Lord in putting us on that street where we met this girl at the precise moment that she would be there.  A lot of crazy things had happened that morning which caused us to have to move some appointments back, which in the end led to us being on the street instead of in a different place that we had originally planned to be.  I know that the Lord definitely guides His work.  

Ok, I guess I'll tell you what happened with transfers.  Supposedly I will be leaving Dayton.  I say supposedly because the last time I was told I was leaving Dayton I just switched areas. =)  But my guess is I'm not going back to the other Dayton area, so it appears like my time here has come to a close.  I made it 11 transfers!  I'm sad to leave, but at the same time I'm really excited to meet some new people and learn a new area.  Basically I'm starting my mission again tomorrow; I'm leaving my home and venturing into the unknown wilderness of Ohio (or possible Kentucky...?).  So yeah, I'll let you know next week where I'm at!

One last thing: I had my first English baptisms this weekend!  A few months ago Elder Taylor and I talked to a guy on the street, then passed his info on to the English Elders.  They started teaching him and his family, and this weekend his niece and nephew were baptized!  I'll send you a picture if I can get it...

Have a great week!  I've got a great Halloween costume planned out... it has something to do with a tie and a suit... more details to come next week!


Elder Foote 

P.S.  Tell Sister Graf thanks for the package!  I got it on Saturday, but according to her directions, I haven't opened it yet...    
Elder Foote Wearing Casual Clothes

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