Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Bet You Can't Guess Where I'll Be For The Next Six Weeks....

My Family (and the new refrigerator),

Buenos dias!  Yep, I received the news this morning, I'll be staying in Dayton again!  And so begins transfer 10...  But I seriously am super excited to stay!  I'll get to be here for Elian's baptism, the baptism of a kid from a less active family, and hopefully for some baptisms from my first area!  The Dayton Spanish branch is growing!

We went on two exchanges this week.  Both times I took over the area.  I was with Elder Bradford for a day.  It was cool to serve with him again and reminisce over our MTC days.  I had a cool experience with him on that exchange.  Some of our plans fell through, so I was trying to decide what we should do.  The thought came to my mind to try a potential who wasn't home very often.  I didn't have any other idea of what to do, so we went.  We found him out in his backyard, and we had only talked with him for a few minutes when it started to rain.  He invited us into his house, we talked with him a bit more, had a brief lesson with him, and helped him pray for the first time.  It was a really great experience.

We helped some less actives cut the weeds at an abandoned house their parents had bought.  As a direct result of that service, I can now say I have used a machete...  I have also seen poison ivy for sure.  

We searched around this week and were able to find some church clothes for Elian.  He's super excited about being baptized!  He's decided he wants to do it before the end of this month.  We're just trying to figure out what time his Mom can come over from New Jersey, and we'll be all set!  He came to a dinner at a member's home with us, and when the member asked him what his plans are after he finishes high school, Elian said: "I'm going to go on a mission, then I'm going to BYU."  He is a champion!

I took some pictures with members and investigators just in case I left, so I'll include those.

Hope you all have a good week!


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