Thursday, December 12, 2013



This week was pretty crazy, though after seeing your pictures and reading about the weather there, it really hasn't been too bad...  We officially have snow in Ohio.  On Friday night we got a pretty big storm (Ohio-speaking).  It was bad enough that we got a message from the assistants saying that all cars in the mission were GROUNDED!  We couldn't drive!  So we did what we could, we made muffins and took them to people in our area in the snow!  It was quite the party...  Ohio also doesn't have intricate snow-removal systems like Utah, so when it snows here, they are much more likely to shut the schools down.  And that's what they did.  Also, because they don't have tons of snow-removal stuff, the roads get super icy.  Last night we were late to a few appointments because everyone was driving so slow...

Thanks for the package!  I got a notice for it on Thursday, but they didn't want to leave it on the doorstep, so they took it back to the post office, and I didn't have time to get there until Saturday.  But I got it!  That GPS will definitely be helpful.  Elder Graf had one, and we were given one to use in this area by Elder Elbaba's trainer, but this one will certainly be put to good use.  If you want, you can go ahead and activate that warranty that you were talking about.  Thanks also for all of the cards and letters and things.  I haven't had time yet to read them all, but I'll let you know when I have and thank you again!

As far as the work goes here, it's still going.  We filled in that giant trench that we dug before the snow came, and hopefully that family will have power in the next week or so.  We talked with a local library that is near to a lot of Hispanics, and we will be starting some English classes there after the first of the year!  I'm excited for that!  We were also given a bunch of holiday treats to take around to our investigators by one of the English members.  And those treats helped us get a new investigator.  The English member made those same mini-cheesecake things that you make Mom!

We taught D----- (E-----) the word of wisdom this past week, and he committed to keep it and give up a few things that would hold him back from living it.  We also taught a new investigator who came to church for the branch anniversary party.  We taught him with the branch president, and it went really well.  It's amazing to see how people have been prepared to receive the gospel by the experiences that they have in their lives.

That's about all I've got!  Thanks for everything!  Have a great week!  We have Elder Cristoffersen coming to our stake conference this weekend and Elder Perkins of the 70 coming to our mission conference, so this should be a good week!


Elder Foote
Christmas Package!
Elder Foote's Christmas Tree!