Monday, August 26, 2013

Apostle Week!!!


This past week has just flown by!  But, just like the title says the highlight was getting to spend some time with Elder Dallin H. Oaks yesterday!  I'll start off with that...

We had to drive all the way down to Cincinnati to get to the meeting, so we had kind of a road trip!  After a while we got there, got all prepped for his arrival, then studied scriptures while we waited for him to get there.  He got there, and we all got to shake his hand before taking our group picture with him (picture on Facebook page)!  It was amazing!  In setting up for the picture, we had to set up chairs for some people to sit on, and he dove right in with the rest of us and set up chairs!  I don't know why, but it amazed me to see an Apostle of the Lord setting up folding chairs in the gym of a church meetinghouse.  He only got to talk to us for about a half an hour, but it was amazing!  He is such an amazing teacher.  He can truly take something complex and explain it so simply that anyone can understand it.  So yeah, that was the highlight of the week!

Don't freak out about the bedbug stuff, just like I said, we have it taken care of.  I don't need a mattress cover, because we caught it early and it is all gone.  Sister Porter called us to check up on it because I guess you sent her an email, so if it continues, we'll let her know.  But it has now been almost two weeks since I've had a problem, so we should be good.

Here are a few other things that happened this week:

-We found a golden street in Dayton that is completely full of Hispanic families, and we got 3 new investigators from it!
-Elder Graf is now the District Leader.
-I learned that some Catholics believe that if a baby dies without baptism, it turns into a goblin, or a duende in Spanish.  Good thing I knew the word duende before that lesson...
-We might be getting two more Spanish missionaries in our area to help cover geographically.
-We are now allowed as Spanish missonaries to play futbol to help fellowship less actives and investigators.  We play on Saturday mornings.  Last Saturday, no one showed up except for our branch president, so we got a half hour lecture on the politics of futbol.  He also gave some awesome soccer jersey’s (pictures included).
-We had two lessons with our progressing investigators the T----- family this week.  They are super nice, and when we got there for the second lesson, they had a full on Mexican feast waiting for us!  Mexican food is the best!
-We went shopping just before this at Walmart, and some guy asked if I worked there because of my shirt and tie.  That is not the first time that has happened...

And that's about it!  Not much more to say!  Thanks for the package with all of the food/candy, I forgot to say thanks last week.  Have a great birthday Mom!


Elder Foote

Elder Foote and Elder Graf.

New missionary clothes.

Colby's new Jersey.

Welcome to Ohio!!