Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Si, yo hablo Spanish


Great to hear from you all! That's crazy about the snowstorm!  It's been raining here for basically a week straight...

This week was extremely busy.  When we got doubled in here it was definitely slow going trying to pick up all of the new investigators and get back into the swing of things, but now that we've built it up again, there's not enough time to do everything that needs to be done!

This week we saw miracles all over the place.  We had a focus as a zone this week to find lots of new investigators.  Many of the people we've been working with haven't been keeping very many commitments, so this focus was great for us to pick up some new people to focus on.  All week long we found ourselves in places where we were able to talk to people who seemed to really have interest in what we had to say.  We ran out of things to do one night with a member, so we went to try a potential investigator that we hadn't seen for weeks.  When we got there, he wasn't there, but his brother and sister-in-law were, and they were super solid and invited us over to their house to teach them!  We also were walking through a trailer park to an appointment and passed by a huge Mexican party.  We were kind of wary about stopping because of how many people there were and the types of beverages that were there... but we recognized one of our investigators there, so we stopped and talked to him.  They invited us to eat their carne asada, and as we ate we talked to a 17 year old kid who has a lot of potential, and he invited us back as well!  Really it was just a great week to find!

We also had an awesome tour of the chapel with Z-------, the husband of M-----, a recent convert.  President Vilches came and helped us out as well.  We took Z------- into the font, explained baptism to him, showed him how a baptism goes (AKA dry baptism), then invited him to be baptized on May 2.  In the past he has been very hesitant about any baptismal extension we've given him, but this time he was much more receptive, and we have high hopes that he'll be baptized in May!

We also extended baptism to the 3 daughters of the S----- family this week.  They have been reading in the Book of Mormon, and they all accepted!  Their Mom is on board too!  We later talked to the Dad about it, and it looks like it'll take a little while for him to be on board too...  But we passed by later in the week and had a great lesson with the whole family; it was the first time the Dad has sat in on a lesson!  Progress!

Really everything is going pretty well here.  There's lots to do, and because my time is limited, it's definitely crunch time for a few more baptisms to happen in this area.  We've got the potential, we've just got to keep giving it our all and I know it will come.

This week in Sunday School we talked about Christ proclaiming to the Jews that He was the Son of God, and I've been thinking a lot about that since.  I know that He is the Son of God.  I know that He is my Savior.  He came to Earth to give us the example to follow to return to live with our Father in Heaven.  I'm so grateful for all He did for me and for the help that He gives me every day.


Elder Foote