Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Week In The Great Ohio!

Mi Famila!

Thanks so much for the package with the talks.  They were all amazing!  Reading talks is always a nice way to break up the scripture reading.  Not saying I don't like reading in the scriptures, but it is nice to get to read some modern language every once in a while...

We had interviews with President Porter this week.  In addition to my own personal interview, us four Spanish Elders in Dayton area had a joint interview with him.  He told us all that we have to keep working at becoming Hispanic.  That is the big challenge for us in this area.  He said that's why he felt inspired to send Elder Garcia to this area.  So once again, I have been given the charge to become Hispanic. =) 

We found a family with 7 kids!  I might have already said something about them, but I'm still going to talk about them for a bit.  They have been taught by missionaries before, and they absolutely love it!  The kids are super interested, and one of the girls even asked me for some Book of Mormon homework before we left!  The only problem we have is getting the Dad interested.  He's not too interested in what we have to say, and I don't think he had a good relationship with the previous missionaries.  But, a little later in the week we had a mini-miracle that might help us get through to him.  We drove past their house on our way out of the city, and it looked like there was a huge party going on at their house, so we figured we would come back another day to talk with them when it was just their family.  We were almost out of the city when I got the prompting to go back to their house.  So we went back and walked up to this huge party.  Immediately the Dad of the family walked up, greeted us, sat us down, and started serving us food.  We talked to him a little bit, and although we weren't best friends by the end of our time there, it was definitely a step in the right direction.  We'll keep at it!

We had our weekly futbol game, and afterwards the branch hosted a breakfast at the church.  We had a really good turn out, and we got quite a few less actives and investigators there, which was awesome!  And just so you know, I'm getting better at futbol, I stole the ball from a native Honduranian! (maybe a little bit by luck, but still...)

Like I might have mentioned in a previous email, we have started singing to people to help invite the Spirit.  We went and talked to this one investigator later on at night right before heading back to the apartment.  She seemed super burdened with work and kids and everything, so we decided to sing her a song before leaving.  We sang "Nearer My God to Thee".  And it brought the Spirit so strong!  It was amazing!  She felt it too, and it was amazing to see how it completely changed her attitude that night.  Jesus called the Spirit "The Comforter", and that most definitely is one of His roles.

One of the families that helped get the Spanish Branch going in this area is having to go back to Mexico tomorrow.  They have been trying for months and months to get all the paperwork worked out, but it's taking so long that they have to go back and wait for a while.  So that has been a sad deal for the branch here.  The picture included is of us Elders with them after we helped them move some furniture.

Not much else happened this week.  I did discover that not all of the mosquitos are dead yet.  I thought they were all gone, but we taught this lady on her porch a few nights ago, and there are most definitely still living mosquitos...

Have a good week!  I love you all!  Watch General Conference this weekend!  I sure will be! =)


Elder Foote
Four Elders and a Great Family!