Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Templo, Lobos, And The Case of The Missing Name Tag...


This week was a crazy week!  I don't have many long stories, just a bunch of short random ones que me gustaria compartir con y'all.  Entonces, here we go:

I cut my hair!  That's right, I am a professional hair-cutter person!  Elder Wells had to trim the back, but other than that, it was all me!  I have included pictures so you can marvel at how great a job I did...

Our car got stuck in the snow 3 times in one day!  I have learned that Corollas aren't meant for the snow.  In addition to those 3 times, we have also pushed other cars out of the snow.  I think I'm up to 5 or 6 now...

We had a specialized training/interview with President this week, and they made an amazing announcement: we are now authorized to go to the temple!!!!!  We will get to go once every 6 months!  We were all so excited.  One of the things I have missed the most while on my mission is the opportunity to go through the temple, and now I'll be able to!  We don't know when yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I know.

We went on exchanges this week, and I was down in Dayton with Elder Bradford.  It was really exciting.  You meet a lot of interesting people using public transportation.  We rode the buses all day, and it was super awesome!  I got hugged by a homeless guy, had a music battle (where people hold up their phones and play different songs at each other) form around me, and also had some pretty good conversations with people about the gospel...

I lost my name tag this week!  I had two, so I was still alright, but I was afraid I would lose the other one, so the next day I ordered a few more.  Then the next day, I found my missing tag.  I thought I had brushed it off of my shirt and into the snow while we were out, but it turned out that I had just brushed it into my pocket!  So I had it the whole time...  So now I'm going to have some extra name tags...

We had 4 people at church!  New record for me!

We had some people try to convert us to their religion this week.  It's happened before, but this time it was basically in an attack formation.  They had rehearsed their speech to us, and they kept trying to trap us with the questions they would ask.  They went on for a while, and I finally just told them that I knew with all my heart that this church was true and that it has the authority to act in the name of God.  I said that I would do what God tells me to do, and that I know that he has told me to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I felt the Spirit as I told them that, and I know that what I am doing is what my Heavenly Father wants me to be doing.  It's true that you grow as you bear your testimony of the restored Gospel.

That's about it!  Thanks for everything; it sounds like all is well out there.  Have a great week!


Elder Foote

P.S.  Because of the temple announcement, I'll need my temple clothes.  If you could send those to me, that would be awesome!
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