Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Out Came The Sun....

My family,

Hey!  How's it going?  Let me include a few experiences from this week:

It was pouring rain one day, but we had planned some service for an investigator outside, and we really felt like we needed to go do it.  She lived far away, and so if we went out to her house and weren't able to do service, we would have wasted a lot of time and miles in getting there and coming back.  So we said a prayer that everything would work out so that we would be able to go up there and do what we had planned, then we left.  As we were driving there, the rain slowly subsided, and by the time we got there, the sun was out and the weather was perfect.  We started to do some work in her garden as we had planned, but then something unexpected happened: she got home early from work!  So we were able to have a great lesson with her about the Book of Mormon!  That was a miracle that showed to me that the Lord places us places to do certain things, and sometimes those things are different than we are expecting.

We had stake conference this week, and Elder Falabella of the 1st quorum of the Seventy came to speak.  He's from Guatemala, so after the session our Spanish district went up and talked to him in Spanish for a few minutes.  He gave us some very specific counsel for how to help our branch and the work in our areas.  His counsel was the answer to some questions I've had for a long time.  I know that the Lord speaks through his servants to help direct His work.

This week we were caught into the most intense Bible-bashing battle I've experienced on my mission so far.  It was really just a one-sided battle; this guy just kept attacking us, but we refused to bash back.  Anytime we tried to answer a question of his or really just say anything, he just kept talking.  It was pretty crazy.  Always remember that the most important thing regarding gospel truths is not what people teach, but if the Holy Ghost is present when they are teaching.  You can always trust the feelings that come when the Holy Ghost is testifying of the truth.

We have an awesome investigator!  She is super prepared!  When we taught the apostasy, she understood it better than anyone I have ever taught.  Then when we taught her about the Book of Mormon, it made complete sense to her!  She loved the idea that the Lord would provide a second witness of Christ to help stabilize the teachings of the Bible!  We were super excited!  But the best part is an experience she shared with us.  She called her mom to let her know that she was meeting with us, and when we heard that, we were a little nervous.  But her mom only talked about how much she admires the church, how much it focuses on families, and she encouraged her daughter (our investigator) to keep listening to what we had to say!  Yeah!

Not too much else happened.  Elder Chandler is teaching me more about soccer, so I'm getting better bit by bit.  This morning I learned how to do a rainbow kick (I think that's what it's called).  So yeah, preparense...

Love you all!  Have a great week!  Thanks for the pictures!


Elder Foote 
Elder Foote Waiting