Monday, December 15, 2014

Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy!


Another long, busy week.  I did a better job this week of keeping track of everything that happened, so I'll just go through the week chronologically and put down anything of importance.

First off, thanks for the package!  It was awesome!  Our apartment is now super festive thanks to that tree!  And I did get the other one from the Keller's yesterday.  Thanks!

We helped a member finish painting their gazebo this week.  It's been an ongoing project for awhile now, so we decided that it was time to finish it up once and for all, even though it was only 40 degrees outside...  Afterwards he took us out to eat at a really good Mexican restaurant where I ate my first ever chile relleno.  Another noteworthy thing I ate this week was a seafood soup that had whole crawdads in it.  You had to pick them out and shell them by hand as you were eating.  It was pretty good.

We found a lot of people this week.  One was a super intelligent Guatemalan man named Jairo.  He knew the bible better than most people I've met on my mission.  Usually when I teach I have to explain things very simply and assume that the people haven't ever heard anything about this stuff before, but with this guy I was able to be more straight up with what I said instead of only saying the bare minimum.  It was kind of weird to be honest.

This week almost everyone we tried to visit was sick.  We were really surprised; we'd never seen so many people sick at one time before.  I got sick as well, but luckily it passed in a few days.

A member told us a super cool story this week.  He used to work as a manager at Skyline.  He made pretty good money, he had a decent schedule, and he was the boss.  The only downsides were that he had to work Sundays, and the work environment wasn't very good.  After working in that job for awhile, he finally felt like he needed to quit and find a job that would allow him to have Sundays off.  So he quit his job and took a job doing maintenance in an apartment complex for a lot less money.  Over time however he was able to learn a lot, and he soon took over the management of the entire complex, as well as a few other complexes.  He now makes better money than he did before, he has better hours, he doesn't have to work on Sundays, and he has a very relaxed work environment.  He was definitely blessed as he took a leap of faith and did all he could to obey the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy.  Mosiah 2:41.

We went to try a former investigator in an old trailer park, and it turns out the trailer where they used to live didn't exist anymore.  We started to leave and were stopped by a lady wanting to talk to us.  She said that she had met with the sisters before, but that her husband never had because he was Hispanic.  We told her we spoke Spanish, she gave us her info, and now we have a new person to contact.  I felt like we were definitely led to be in that place at that time.

I tried White Castle for the first time!  70 cent sliders!

That's about all for this week!  Have a good week!


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