Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Last Transfer....


That's right, the final transfer has arrived!  Crazy right?  Today we got transfer calls and I'll be finishing my mission here at home in Huber Heights. =)  

That's so amazing to hear about Dad getting to go to the baby blessing of the lady he baptized!  That made me super happy to hear!

Sorry about last week.  I was pretty bogged down with a lot of other things the last time I emailed.  Last month we drove quite a bit over our monthly allotment in order to make sure that A--- L--- was ready to get baptized, and then at the last second the baptism fell through.  Because we went over we were told that we had to have a few days this month in which we don't use our car, which is a pretty tough deal in this area.  But we've got it all figured out now, so I'm not too worried about it.

This week was a great week!  I have been working with a family off and on since February of last year, and this week they really made some progress!  We taught them a very powerful lesson about the doctrine of church, and we also helped them move.  I'm expecting to see a lot of progress from them pretty soon!  We also worked all week long to get the S----- family to church, and they came!  The mom works at a Mexican restaurant all week, so in order to see her we had to go eat at the restaurant...  But we sacrificed, and they came and had a great time!  We also got in touch again with an amazing family that we found right before I left this area last year.  We had a short lesson with them and the Spirit was super strong.  I'm really excited to go back to talk to them!

More about helping that family move.  Most Hispanics leave their Christmas lights up until the summer, if they take them down at all.  This family was one of those families.  So I generously offered to take down their Christmas lights for them.  So if you've been worrying about how Elder Foote has been handling not putting up or taking down Christmas lights for all this time, worry no longer!  I got a chance to use my skills! =)

We knocked the door of a potential that I used to know, and a different guy answered.  He looked kind of foreign, so I started speaking Spanish to him, but he stopped me and told me in broken English that he didn't speak Spanish.  He was from Afghanistan, and he had just gotten here 1 month ago!  He invited us in, and we talked to him for a few minutes.  As soon as he learned we were Christians he wasn't super interested to talk to us, but he was still super nice.  We asked if we could pray with him, and he said that they had already prayed...  But he was fine with us saying a prayer, so we did.  It was a pretty interesting encounter...

I found a scripture this week that I really like that I feel kind of sums up my mission a bit.  D&C 51:16-17.  16 And I consecrate unto them this land for a little season, until I, the Lord, shall provide for them otherwise, and command them to go hence;
 17 And the hour and the day is not given unto them, wherefore let them act upon this land as for years, and this shall turn unto them for their good.
Here the Lord tells the Saints that they would only be in Ohio for a short time.  They wouldn't be there to stay for generations.  But after He tells them that, He lets them know that they should act as if they'll be there for years, and that's how they'll make the most of their time there.  I of course thought about that in the context of my mission, but I think it applies to many different circumstances.  The principle that I got from those verses is that we should make the most of our time in whatever place/calling we're in.  That is how we will fulfill our purpose, by acting as if we will be where we are for a long time.

Well, hope you all have a great week!


Elder Foote