Monday, March 24, 2014

The Art of Interrupting.....


It has been a long week, but at the same time a very short one.  Time is a really weird thing as a missionary.  Anytime you look back, it feels like things have just flown by.  I'm nearing the end of my 6th transfer in this area, and it doesn't feel like I've been here anywhere near that long.

Well, I don't have any super long stories this week, just a bunch of small ones I'll share real quick.  Here goes:

First off, that St. Patrick's Day package was awesome!  Thank you so much!  We liked it a lot.  I especially liked that rainbow licorice thing with the coins.  That was cool.

From my branch president this week I learned about the art of interrupting.  It seems like most of the people we teach either don't talk very much, or they talk a whole lot.  We went with our branch president to someone that talked a whole lot.  Afterwards he told us that there is a skill that you have to develop when talking with people; you have to learn how to interrupt them, but interrupt them nicely.  It's kind of hard to do that sometimes in a different language, but that's something I'll have to try to develop: the art of interrupting.

We were teaching a lesson this week with a brand new investigator that the other Spanish elders had referred to us.  Right at the end of the lesson as we were getting ready to leave, we heard a knock on the door that sounded pretty familiar.  We were at the door, so I opened it, and it was the other Spanish elders!  They were super surprised to have us open the door of this house in Dayton!  They had forgotten that they gave us this guy as a referral.  It was a pretty funny situation.

We taught a person, and at the end of the lesson she gave us a pack of frozen tripe.  We still haven't attempted to cook it...

I learned a super awesome saying from one of the members this week.  She said that if someone tends to forget things a lot, you can say "A ti te voy a mandarte traerla la muerte", which translates to "I'm going to send you to bring death."  If the person is super forgetful and you send them to bring death, they'll forget to go get it and it'll never come.  I think that's the logic behind it...  Anyways, I thought that was interesting.

I had to change my first bike tire!  We were burning through our monthly mile allotment at a pretty crazy rate, so we planned a day this week in which we were only on bikes or out with members.  It was the legendary "0 mile day!"  But yeah, my tire went flat and I had to change it.

One of our less actives is moving into a house (which is closer to our apartment then their old apartment was!), so we spent a bit of time helping them scrape off wallpaper.  So now I know how to do that...

We had an investigator spend a few minutes telling us about the difference between Hispanic and American time.  She said that Americans tend to be more punctual, whereas Hispanics tend to arrive at least 10 minutes late if not later.  Ironically, she was telling us about this after we arrived to our appointment with her 15 minutes late...  So I guess by her logic, I'm Hispanic!!!

There's a few little stories for you.  So many things happen each day it's crazy.  I hope all is going well there at home.

Have a great week!


Elder Foote

p.s. I got my camera back, so I'll include the pictures from the temple.
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