Saturday, November 30, 2013

Voy a cumplir (por lo menos) 6 meses en Dayton!!!!!!!!

Mi familia!

Yep, the subject line is in spanish.  Good luck with that!  But it says exactly what the theme of today is:  I'm staying in Dayton!!!  My goal is to be here for at least a year if not my whole mission, but I am now guaranteed at least 6 months in this wonderful area! =)  So don't worry about me leaving, because I'm not going to be!  I'll be here for another 6 weeks!

Anyways, winter is coming.  Every year I can tell when winter is here, because I have to scrape the car windows, and it is no different here in Ohio. 

Another way that I know that it is winter time once again is because of soccer.  The other stake was having stake conference, so we weren't able to play in the chapel on Saturday.  So instead we went and played out on the field in the park..... in 32(ish) degree weather!  Yeah, it was a little cold...

But the work moves on: por supuesto!  And it really did move this week.  Each day we record numbers for the day based on the lessons we had and people we found, and we total them all up and report them each week.  And although numbers aren't the sole indicators of success, this past week's numbers were much better than pretty much any others I've had.  If I had to describe the past week in one word, it would be: blessed.  The Lord blessed us in many ways, and I'll list just a few of them here:

1) We found a lot of potential investigators.  Finding people who fluently speak Spanish and are willing to listen to us can be very difficult, but this past week we were blessed by being able to find an unusually large number of people who were willing to talk.  I am very excited for this coming week because of the potential that we were able to find last week.

2) We nearly lost our car.  There are a lot of new sisters coming in this transfer, and as far as I know in this mission, every set of sisters gets a car.  So they have to figure out who to take the cars from.  They gave us a call and said that they were considering it, and they asked us to gather some information about our area so they could make a more informed decision.  We went about getting everything together, but before we had finished, they texted us and let us know that they had changed their mind.  Which is a good thing, because I don't know how we would cover our area sin carro.  The majority of our work is roughly 10 miles from our house!  However, the other Spanish Elders are losing their car.  So we will most likely be working a lot more closely with them in the future.

3) We had people at church!  To be more exact, we had 2 investigators at church, which is a record for me!  And the members completely came through as well.  We almost didn't have to say a thing to our investigators, because as soon as they walked in the doors, the members took right over!  That's how it should be.  It was amazing to see things work so smoothly, and we are very excited for both N---- and D----- who came.  Moral of this small story:  if you're at church and you see someone you don't know, go talk to them!

Of course we had many other blessings this past week, but these were some of the major things. 

A few more small stories that I think are funny.

I sat with one of the less active families yesterday and tried to help their son stay kind of calm during sacrament.  He has one of the funniest habits I've seen.  After every time someone prays, he says amen, then immediately says "Did I do a good job?"  Every time.  And sometimes (especially during sacrament meeting) it's very loud.  Hilarious.

I ate a jalapeno this past week, and it wasn't even that bad!  Except it squirted all over me, so I exclaimed "me squirtio!"  Elder Elbaba and the member we were with thought that was pretty funny.  Spanglish for the win!

Also, the zone leaders have decided to nickname every area.  Ours is now named "Mexico."  How creative.

That's about it!  Have a happy thanksgiving!  I'll be spending it at our branch president's house the Chilean-American way! (he is Chilean, his wife is American)  Have a wonderful week!


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