Friday, December 6, 2013

Milagros estan pasando!


I went against my better judgment and read the many emails that were in my inbox before writing, and now I'm super excited!  I love hearing all the news from home and seeing all of the awesome pictures!  That was great!

Anyway, now I don't have tons of time left to write, so I'll do my best to capture how awesome this past week was in the time I've got. 

Thanksgiving was great!  We had an amazing dinner with the branch president's family.  They are an amazing family, and it was a great time.  We also had a dinner with the Torres family, and we found a new investigator there, and then we got invited over to a less-active's house to eat as well.  We were stuffed!  And the food progressively became more and more Mexican.  We started the day with turkey and mashed potatoes, and we ended the day with pasole with pigs feet (or some kind of feet...).  Party for sure!

This week I had probably the biggest miracle of my mission happen.  The most people we have ever had come to our Saturday morning soccer games was 13... before this past week.  We started playing this past Saturday with 12 people, but as we kept going, people just kept showing up.  It was like the Hispanic floodgates had been opened, and people just poured into the church!  We ended up having a total of 26 people there, and 18 of them were non-members!  Afterwards we had a brief chapel tour with them all.  It was amazing!  The work is moving along in Dayton Ohio!

The chances of having a white Christmas here in the Dayton Spanish branch are looking very good!!!  Yesterday we helped our investigator D----- set a baptismal date for the 21 of December!  He still has to receive an answer for himself that the Book of Mormon is true, but we promised him that as he prepared for that day and sincerely sought an answer, he would receive it.  And he said yes!  I have been teaching him for as long as I have been out in the field, and it has been amazing to see the change that the gospel has brought about with him and his family.  I am so excited for him!  Keep him in your prayers!

Those are some of the amazing things that happened this past week.  I am so excited for this area.  The work is really starting to pick up, the members are starting to get more involved, and I am seeing every day how the Lord has prepared people to receive the gospel.  This work is amazing!

Thank you so much for all you do!  Have a great week, and listen to Feliz Navidad for me!


Elder Foote
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dayton Spanish Branch
Our Awesome Soccer Team!
The Elders and the Goodro Family