Monday, October 20, 2014



Another Dayton week!

We got to go to the temple again this past week.  It was so great!  I'm so glad that there are so many temples close to where we live.  To get to the Columbus temple it's almost an hour long drive.  I can't wait to go more frequently when I'm home.

I went on an exchange with Elder Shiffler in my district this last week.  He is a very diligent missionary.  He came down to Dayton with me and we had a really good day.  We taught a few lessons with a returned missionary from Guatemala, raked some leaves for a member, and got some shrimp from a lady from Acapulco.

We went finding this week in a different way than usual.  One of our Mexican friends invited us to come play soccer with him and his friends at a large indoor soccer place.  We went and played with about 25 people, and all but 3 of them spoke Spanish!  They were super good!  All of my training for the last year prepared me to only be able to touch the ball a few times on the field!  But it went well, and we met a lot of people.

One of our less active members had an awesome missionary experience this week.  She was at a party with some of her friends, and the conversation topic turned to religion.  She explained to her friends a little bit about the plan of salvation, and then she invited them to church.  One of them ended up coming!  It was a really good example of member missionary work.  When opportunities to share our beliefs arise, we should take them.  And then we should make an invitation.  People won't always accept our invitations, but the real measure of our success is whether we invited or not.  If we are continually making invitations, sooner or later someone will accept!

The Book of Mormon is from God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives!

Have a great week!


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