Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Reds and a Little More Dayton!


Lots of things happened this week!  First off, last P-day we went as a mission to the Cincinnati Reds game!  It was amazing (mostly because I got to talk with all of my past companions and friends in the mission for a couple of hours)!  The cameras in the stadium would always pan to our section of 250 or so missionaries, so I was on the big jumbo-tron screen for a bit, and some sister missionaries held up a copy of the Book of Mormon when the cameras panned onto them!  Preaching the gospel one baseball game at a time!  I also saw a familiar face at the game... (I'll include a picture)

E---- came with us to teach S------ (our Puerto Rican investigator), and it went really well.  She is progressing really well, and we're really excited for her!

We have been helping Elian's dad put electricity into his house for a few weeks now, so this week I got to apply the things Dad taught me about connecting wires to the outlets when we were finishing the basement.

This week the Elders in my last area put a lady named M----- on date that Elder Chandler and I started teaching while we were up there a few months ago.  She's getting baptized this Saturday!  This will be the first baptism the Dayton Spanish 1 area has seen in 4 years!  I also found out that that kid who came up to Elder Taylor and I on the street and asked to come to church is going to be baptized this Saturday as well!  

We got transfer calls this morning, and I'll be staying in Dayton again.  At the end of this transfer (which is transfer 11 in this branch)  I will have lived here for 15 months straight!  But to be honest, there's nowhere I'd rather be.  I wouldn't mind staying in this branch for the rest of my mission.

This week the importance was re-emphasized to me of teaching people and not lessons.  I had the chance to go to my old area for a few hours with both of the Elders who are serving there now and help them meet a few of the people that I used to teach up there.  When we were teaching those people at the beginning of my mission, they never showed much interest.  Looking back, I can see it was because at that time we didn't know Spanish very well and we were only focused on sharing our message.  We weren't focused as much on getting to know the investigators and growing to love them.  This time when we went by, they completely opened up and were very excited to have us there.  I know that there is a difference felt when love is involved.  We can try to help someone all we want, but if they don't feel that we love them, nothing much will come of our efforts.  I know that as we show others we love them, we will be able help them more as they come to love us in return.

Hope all goes well this week!  Love you all!


Elder Foote
Spanish District Elders and the Two Newest Branch Members
Elder Foote and Elder Taylor at the Reds Game
Elder Foote's Cincinnati Reds "First Game Certificate"
Elder Taylor, Elder Foote, Elder Wells and Elder Graf
President Porter
Elder Foote's Game Ticket
Cincinnati Reds Stadium
Right Field at Reds Stadium
Elder Foote and Sister Brown
Sister Porter
Entire Cincinnati Mission