Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mam and Jalapeno Juice!


What a week!  It seemed to just fly by!

We met with S------ (the Puerto Rican we're teaching) a couple more times this week.  She's still a little self-conscious about praying with us, but she always does a really good job whenever she does pray.  We met her husband this week as well.  He's a super cool guy, and he seems to have a real desire to be more religious.  He accepted a baptismal invitation without hesitation!  The only thing is that he works a lot, so it will be tough to stay in contact with him...

I learned how to make salsa this week.  I was put in charge of cutting up the jalapeno, so I got the juice all over my hands.  The member that was teaching us told me to make sure I washed my hands before touching my face, so I did.  But it turns out it takes more than just one washing to get it all off...

I did more electrical work for E------- (E----'s dad) this week.  Luckily though, they managed to find a professional to come and do it, so they won't have to rely on our novice skills any longer to install their electricity.  After 3 months of not having electricity, they should finally have it by the end of the week!

I went on another exchange to Fairfield OH!  Day 2 doing missionary work outside of the Dayton area!  There are a lot of Guatemalans in that area, so I learned a lot more about the culture of Guatemala.  I also learned a little bit of one of the dialects in Guatemala called Mam.  One of the members taught us how to say "Would you like to be baptized in water?" in Mam, so that was cool.

The members in the branch just keep getting better!  Yesterday the Elders Quorum president and his family went out after church and visited the majority of the less-actives in the branch!  The branch finally has a mission plan and a baptismal goal for the year, and there is a big focus on reactivation and retention.  We're super excited, because once the members are involved, then the work can really progress how the Lord wants it to.

Well, that's about it for this week!  Let me know how things go with Grandma.  I'm glad I was able to talk to her again.  Have a good week!


Elder Foote

P.S.  Thanks for the package!

P.S.S.  I sent a package home a few weeks ago.  It just had some stuff in it that I didn't need to be carrying around anymore.  Let me know if you got it.  Thanks!
Elder Foote Leaving Fresh Salsa For a Branch Member
Skyline of Dayton, Ohio
Elder Foote's One in a Melon Package