Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Legacy Meeting


Here's the rundown of what happened this week...

·  I finally went to Jungle Jim's!  It's this huge store where they sell food from all around the world.  We bought a papaya for a less active.
·  We started having family home evenings with an awesome member family in our area.  They have a lot of goals to progress in the Gospel this year, so they have invited us to come and help them start doing regular family home evenings.
·  We helped a less active clear out some wood in her backyard, then as we were about to leave she asked us to translate for her at Kroger, so we went and did a little bit of translation.
·  We had a super cool meeting that they called the Legacy Meeting.  It was for all missionaries in the mission who have 6 months or less in the mission.  They held it because when our mission started, we got a ton of brand new missionaries and we were one of the youngest missions in the world experience-wise.  Now that almost 2 years has past, we are one of the oldest missions in the world experience-wise.  So the meeting was to help the nearly 130 of us who are leaving in the next 6 months to think of the legacy we want to leave behind for the coming generations of missionaries.  The Spirit was very strong in the meeting, and I'm very excited to see what happens with the work here in the next few months.
·  One of our investigators dropped us, but we also taught a lot of great families this week who are very interested.  It seems like a cycle that happens pretty regularly: as you lose investigators, you find new ones who are even more interested.  I believe that those who want to change their lives are definitely out there!
·  We went over to an investigator's house and he was trying to put a new door on one of the door frames.  We tried to help him, but he was dead set on doing it his way, even though he had no clue what he was doing.  It was pretty funny.
·  We met a lady named Ricarda this week.  We tried to figure out what that name would be in English, and the best thing we could think of was Richardette...
·  We had three baptisms in the branch this week!  One investigator of the other Elders, and two little boys from member families.
·  We had branch conference yesterday.  I got to translate for the stake guy who sat in on Elder's quorum.  It was kind of difficult because I would translate some American-Spanish, then some Colombian-Spanish, then some Dominican-Spanish, then some Guatemalan-Spanish, and so on.
·  We had 100 people in sacrament meeting yesterday!  The week before we had 108, which we found out is the branch record!  The branch is growing!
·  I met my first person from Spain!!!!  I've almost met someone from every Spanish-speaking country!!
That's about it!  Hope you all have a great week!  Happy late birthday Dad!


Elder Foote
Elder Foote at Church
Elder Foote and an Investigator
Refrigerated Dominican Mondongo
Mondongo After Being Heated in the Microwave
Mondongo Before the Microwave
Elder Elbaba, Elder Foote's Companion