Tuesday, March 18, 2014



Happy St. Patrick's Day!  An English member gave us some pins to wear, so that's an explanation of the pictures...  

Well, the obvious highlight of the week was our journey to the Columbus temple!!!!!  It was amazing!  The new video they have is absolutely incredible!  The Columbus temple is the smallest temple that I have been in.  It's right next to a stake center, and the two buildings are just about the same size!  But anyways, I was able to have a great experience at the temple.  It amazes me how much the temple can change our perspective of things.  It helped me to see everything as it really is, to focus on what is most important, and it allowed me to clearly see things that I can improve on to become more like my Savior.  I would seriously encourage everyone who can to go to the temple as often as possible.

Well, other than that, this week was pretty normal.  It was Elder Wells' birthday, so we celebrated that by exploring a new town up north.  We had heard a lot of rumors of a large number of Hispanics up there, so we decided to go check it out.  We only found one.  So we probably won't be up there too often...

To illustrate the nature of our work a bit, I thought I'd include a brief description of a lesson we had this week.  We go into the house and sit down on the couch.  The mother of the home calls her two children (17 and 15) into the living room to listen.  The mother speaks only Spanish, but the kids speak both Spanish and English.  However, they prefer to speak English, and in fact, one of them can only read in English.  The one who can only read in English has an English copy of the Book of Mormon and the other two have their Spanish copies.  We read a few verses, explain them to the mom in Spanish, then answer the questions of the kids in English.  Then we tell the mom what the kids' questions were and what our answers were.  This pattern continues for most of the lesson.  Not all our lessons are bilingual like this, but a few are.  I think it's an amazing fulfillment of the prophecy that everyone will eventually hear the gospel message in their own language.

We had an investigator tell us this week that he knows the Book of Mormon is true.  He said that he was conflicted about the book all week long, and as he was at work, he kept praying to know if it was something he should read or not.  One night he had a dream.  In the dream he heard a voice that told him that the book was from God and that he should read it.  He began to read it, and after reading only the first page he said that he felt "a good, warm feeling", and that he knew it was true.  I know that to those who truly seek answers from the Lord, the Holy Ghost will respond and will help guide us to the truth.

I don't have too much else to include for this week.  I'll have to send my temple pictures next week.  I put my camera in the temple bag I borrowed from a member, and I just found out this morning that I left it in there.  So I'll get it back this week and send the pictures next week.

Sounds like there'll be a lot of changes when I get back.  That's awesome to hear about all of the growth out there.  The Lord truly is hastening His work!

Have a great week!


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