Monday, October 14, 2013

A Full Fledged Missionary!


So this past week was pretty crazy.  Usually I write in my journal what happened each day, then before I come to the library I look over what I wrote and decide what to put in an email.  But I haven't been able to keep up with journal writing very well this past week, so this email will most likely be very disorganized and shorter than normal.  Sorry!

So we had 2 exchanges this past week, one with the zone leaders and one with the other Spanish elders.  With the zone leaders we went out to Englewood for the day, and I did English work!  It was crazy!  I could communicate!  Well ok, I can communicate in Spanish, but English is still easier.  But I like Spanish work better... =).  Anyway, the zone leader area is the ghetto of the Dayton area, so they call it "EngleHood" instead of Englewood.  We had some pretty interesting experiences... 

The cool thing about the Spanish work here is that we have been commissioned to become friends with the people and really get to know them and love them.  So one night we ended up joining a backyard soccer game for a while, and we made friends with a lot of people, and then got to share a brief message with them afterwards.  Finding through futbol!

I am done with training now!  I finished yesterday, so I'm now a full-fledged missionary!  And to celebrate, we taught the law of chastity to a couple that wasn't exactly keeping it.  I've never taught it to someone before, so that was an experience...

This morning we went and played golf with the branch president and his son.  We just did the driving range, but it was really fun.  Then his son put on Zelda music on the way back home, which pretty much made my day... =)

Ok, as far as transfers go, I'm going to be staying here, but Elder Graf will be leaving.  He's going to be training again, and he'll be the district leader in his new area.  So I'm going to be taking over this area, which is a little nerve-wracking, but I'm also excited.  I know that if the Lord says I can do it, then with his help, I'll do it! 

That's about all I've got!  Have a great week!  Love you all!


Elder Foote                       

Elder Foote, Elder Graf and a great church member!