Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mystical Hispanic Cures...


Really not too much to report this week.  I got pretty sick during the first part of the week.  I got over it pretty quick, but for most of the rest of the week I had no appetite.  That normally wouldn't be a huge problem, but we get fed by people pretty often, and most of them get offended if you don't eat at least two servings, so I had a constant feeling of being way too full for most of the week.  But I guess having too much to eat isn't the worst problem I could have...

In response to me being sick, I received a few mystical Hispanic cures.  One was by a Pentecostal man we're teaching who believes he has a mighty gift of healing.  He got me a shot glass, poured in some apple cider vinegar, mixed in some water, then had me drink it.  Then he pushed on my stomach and told the sickness to leave...  Another family gave me four teaspoons of olive oil to drink.  I also got some super thick Dominican cough syrup even though I didn't have a cough...

We made empanadas with some members this week, I'll send you some pictures.

Other than that it was a pretty average week.  One of our investigators believes the church is true, and he wants to be baptized, but he just can't give up smoking.  We've tried everything, but he just hasn't been able to give it up.  Well he finally started coming back to church last week, and yesterday during priesthood we all introduced ourselves and he said "My name's Jose, I'm Dominican, I'm coming to the church because I know it's true, and hopefully soon I'll be baptized."!  Yeah Jose!  So we're working with him on that.

Hope everything keeps going well out there!


Elder Foote  
Elder Foote and the Missionaries at Church
Elder Foote