Monday, June 16, 2014


Dear Family,

That's right folks, it's that magical month that only comes around once every 4 years..... the WORLD CUP!!!  It started on Thursday, and on Friday we received some amazing news from our Spanish Zone Leaders.  Not only are we as Spanish missionaries allowed to watch the world cup, but President Porter encourages us to go and watch it with people!  YEAH!!  I've never been all that into soccer, but I am now for sure.  We're allowed to watch 30 minutes every day with investigators to help build better relationships with them.  So Friday we watched part of the Mexico vs. Camerun game with someone we've been teaching.  It was super cool!  I'll be watching more soccer when I get home for sure.  And, because everyone is super excited for soccer right now, we had one of the best turnouts ever at our weekly Saturday soccer games.  It was super fun!  I'll include a picture.  

Are you ready to hear a Spanish mistake I made this week?  We were talking about the Mexico/Camerun game, and I had never heard of Camerun before, so I asked the person we were talking with to pronounce it for me.  When I repeated it back, I said Cameron instead.  Cameron (accent over the o) means seafood/shrimp in Spanish.  So they laughed at me because I thought the Mexico was playing shrimp in the world cup.  Asi es...

Lots of people continue to comment on my long stay in the Dayton area.  Yesterday at church I received a few comments, and I'll share a few with you:

In the phone of the Branch President’s wife, instead of saying “Elders” for our phone number, it says “Elder Foote.”

The Branch President told me that he was going to put me into the “Branch Hall of Fame”, which includes my picture on the wall in his office and a ceremony in which I receive the key to the church building. (I don’t believe either of those things will really happen. =)

I received yet another “They’re going to call you to be the Elders Quorum President” comment.  Everyone thinks that one is super funny…

I hope I never leave here.  Lots of people are predicting that this will be my final week here, and I really hope they're wrong.  The work can be difficult at times, but the people here are amazing.  This is my second home, and I'm starting to dread the day a get the call that says I'm headed out.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself...

Oh, I hit my year mark.  As I sat in the apartment eating a cheese and tuna quesadilla I had made myself for dinner, I remembered that exactly one year before that moment I was being set apart as a missionary.  I thought to myself: "What would I have thought then if I could have seen myself one year in the future?"  Crazy!

Ok, here's a miracle for you.  A few months ago we found an investigator that we thought was dorado (golden).  He came to church that first Sunday, and he had a bad experience.  He didn't like church at all.  We continued to teach him, but he had some serious doubts about our message, and pretty quickly he rejected what we had to say and we stopped seeing him.  A few days ago his name popped into my mind, and so we wrote his name in our plans.  We went to his neighborhood and first knocked the door of his next-door neighbor.  She wasn't there, but he (this former) heard us knock and came out.  When he saw us, he was super friendly and excited to see us.  He invited us in, and we had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  At the end of the lesson, we invited him to church again.  He immediately said yes.  He said that maybe the adversary had made him not have a good experience the last time to try and stop him from finding the truth.  That is exactly what happened! (I love it when investigators tell us truth like that!)  So he came to church yesterday and had a much better experience than the last time.  He said it was very peaceful.  He also saw something on the program about temples, so he started asking us about temples as well.  Amazing!  We have been working really hard to have people at church for months now, and the Lord miraculously blessed us with someone! 

Our investigators are beginning to progress as well!  The work is beginning to move along here!

Thanks for the packages!  Sorry, I completely spaced commenting on the year mark package.  Everything fits well.  I liked the pants a lot.  I also really enjoyed that photo album.  It was probably one my favorite things that you have sent me.  It was good to see everybody again!  The HP package was great too, thanks!

I'm healthy, thanks for asking.  Only two of my teeth have fallen out from lack of seeing a dentist, so I should still have a few remaining when I return.  =0

Thanks for everything.  Love you all!  Have a great week!


Elder Foote
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