Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Miracles! (in Dayton)


Miracles are happening everywhere!  I've seen them all over the place this past week.  I'm so excited for the work here in Dayton!

On P-day last week we were at a thrift store looking for an Ohio shirt when a big American man with a Santa beard caught our attention and waved us over.  He started talking to us in Spanish (!!!!) and told us that he was a member of the church, but his wife wasn't, but that she was in his car outside and we should go talk to her.  So we did, and she was really nice, and we got her info to go meet with her in the future.  It was a super random experience, but it was miracle!

We got in contact with an investigator I was teaching here over a year ago who we had lost contact with.  When we knocked on his door, he opened up and let us right in like we had never lost contact, and we had a great lesson with him and his son.

We had one of the most powerful lessons I've ever had on the Book of Mormon with a family we recently found, and Elder Adams bore an amazing testimony that brought the Spirit very strong.

At the end of one of our lessons Elder Adams bore his testimony and talked about why he chose to serve a mission.  When he was done, the father of the family said that even though his Spanish wasn't perfect (yet) and they didn't understand all of the words that Elder Adams had used, they understood what he was trying to tell them because they "could feel it."  The Holy Ghost is the real teacher, and He breaches any language barriers.

The husband of a recent convert has all of the sudden showed a lot more interest in the church and has come the past two weeks.  We extended baptism to him for the 28th and he said he'd think about it, which isn't a yes, but it sure isn't a no, which is huge for this guy!

We met multiple people this week who had the question of why Christ had never come to Mexico.  Perfect opportunity to testify of the Book of Mormon!

I was goalie against a bunch of middle-aged men from Honduras in our soccer game on Saturday, and I didn't do too bad!  (that might be one of the biggest miracles of all =) )

We met a new family who invited us right in and talked about how just the other day they had been talking about how they needed to start attending a church.  They weren't able to make it yesterday, but they should be there this coming Sunday!

We went out after church with Elian (the guy we helped to get baptized last August!)  and taught an amazing lesson to a less-active and her non-member friend!  They invited us back next Sunday for enchiladas.

We saw tons of miracles this week, but one that really impacted me happened when I was on exchanges with Elder Seegmiller.  We were walking back to our car when I man drove past us in his truck and waved at us as he passed by.  I thought it was kind of weird because most Hispanics don't wave at us unless they know us really well.  I kind of shrugged it off and we got into the car and started to drive away.  As we passed by the house that the truck had stopped at, I was hit with a flashback from my first weeks of the mission of talking to a man on the same street that we were currently on.  It hit me so vividly that I stopped the car and just sat there thinking about it, trying to remember if the man I remembered talking to was the same man who had waved at us.  After thinking for a few seconds, I decided that if I was this was weighing so much on my mind, we had better just go and knock the man's door and talk to him.  So we knocked his door, he answered, came out of the house and started talking to us like he already knew us!  We found out that missionaries had lived in his house in Mexico and that he had been to church a few times in North Carolina.  In the past 5 years he has stopped drinking and smoking.  It's like he has been completely prepared to receive the gospel!  We talked to him for a few minutes, invited him to church, and set up another time to meet with him.  I feel like I have gotten better at recognizing promptings and following them, and as I have done my best to follow them consistently, more and more keep coming.  I know that the Lord guides His work.

I'm super excited for another amazing week!

Hope all is going well out there!

Love you all a ton,

Elder Foote

P.S. 4 people that I was teaching in my last area are getting baptized in the next 2 weeks, and one of them (Junior) wants me to come back and baptize him this Saturday!  So there might be a baptismal picture in next weeks email...

Picture: Me with the brother Roque

Elder Foote and Brother Roque