Thursday, June 5, 2014

I have now lived here for at least one day in each of the 12 months!!


Another week has past!  Sounds like all went well with you all this week.  Looks like graduation went well; I'm sad I missed it!  You'll have to let me know how the trip went when you email next week!

As far as Dayton goes, things are pretty normal here.  Last P-day we went to the Dayton Art Insitute and looked at art.  I'll include some pictures of our adventures... 

You know in the Restoration DVD where Joseph Smith and the little boy are planting and Joseph sticks a stick in the ground, moves it forward a bit, then the kid puts the seed in and they close up the hole?  Yeah, we did that this week.  We were helping out in the garden of our Branch President's family, and Elder Chandler and I were given the opportunity to plant the green beans.  So we found a stick, and we acted out that part of the movie!  It was exciting.

We went out with a member who recently returned from his mission in Guatemala.  He is the epitome of becoming Hispanic.  He internalized the culture so well I would dare say he is Guatemalteco.  Anyways, he taught us a new form of speaking that I've heard of before, but never known how to use.  In Spanish there's a formal way of speaking, and informal way of speaking, and this other way called the "vos" form, which I guess they only use in certain countries.  It's basically just a super informal way of speaking.  So that was cool to learn.  Elder Chandler and I are starting to take note of all the words we learn from all of the different countries that are represented here.  Soon I'll be able to speak Spanish from Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, La Republica Dominicana, Honduras, Costa Rica, etc.!

We had an amazing lesson with a new investigator this week.  She is super prepared; she basically taught us about the apostasy when we started discussing it!  We are super excited for her!

That's it for this week!  Hope all goes well with the cruise!


Elder Foote   
Elder Foote, Dayton Art Museum
Elder Foote, Dayton Art Museum Sculpture
Elder Foote, Dayton Art Museum Weird Thing
Elder Foote, Blending In
Elder Foote, One Year Package
Elder Foote, Name in Spanish