Monday, April 6, 2015



This week was a week full of meetings.  We had a specialized training on Thursday, leadership council on Friday, then general conference on Saturday and Sunday.  So lots of sitting and writing. =)

Really there's not too much to report this week.  We had a tough time seeing people.  It just seemed that we could never find any of our progressing investigators at home.  This area can sometimes be difficult in that everyone is so spread out and we are very restricted on the amount we can drive our car.  But we'll make it work!

Over a year ago we found a less active lady named Angela and started teaching her.  We found her records and moved them to the branch.  I taught her for about 4 transfers, and then I left.  After I left, the new Elders were never able to contact her again.  When I got here, I decided we would find her again, and we did.  We visited her last week with our branch president, put the Book of Mormon on her phone, and found out that she'll be moving to Texas in a few weeks.  We got her info so that we can send people to see her when she moves down there.  It was pretty cool to be a part of the process of finding her and teaching and then making sure that she's transferred over smoothly.

I thought conference was great!  I listened to two of the sessions in Spanish, so I'll have to listen to those again to get some more out of it, but really all of it was very good.  I liked Elder Wilford W. Anderson's talk, but I'll have to listen to it in English to get some more from it.

Sorry this email is a bit shorter.  I got hit with a bunch of stuff while emailing, so I've been a bit distracted.  I'll try to do better next week.


Elder Foote