Wednesday, June 19, 2013



So the MTC President challenged us to write home as early as possible, preferably tonight, so here I go.  From the moment you dropped me off the adventure began.  My host missionary and I lugged all of my stuff up three flights of stairs, only to find that the key didn't work!  We thought it might be the wrong apartment, so we took it all back down, then took it all back up another flight, only to find the key didn't work there either!  After a little while, we finally decided to go get another key, and after we had taken everything up one more flight of stairs, I finally got in my apartment!  It was lots of work, but it was worth it, because the apartment is nice!  My companion (Elder Maughan) is from Southern California and played basketball at BYU-Hawaii.  Anyways me and Elder Maughan have a room all to ourselves, and our apartment has one other room in which two other Elders live.  So yeah, the West MTC campus has been pretty nice so far.  After meeting with the mission presidency  we met our teachers.  They almost only speak to us in Spanish, and they expect responses with as much Spanish as possible.  They say that for the first few weeks we will be speaking Spanglish, not Spanish.  After a while of being nearly completely immersed in Spanish, we went to lunch.  They give us tons of food, so there isn't any fear of going hungry at meal times.  However, dinner is pretty early in the day, so any snacks you could send would be much appreciated...  After lunch we unpacked, then went to a meeting where we practiced teaching investigators.  It was a very humbling experience to say the least...  We met with our zone leaders after that, and then we came back to prepare for tomorrow.  My P-day is Thursday for now, so expect an email not tomorrow, but the next Thursday.  I'm having trouble finding stamps right now, but once I do, I'll get this sent off (hopefully tomorrow!).  I've only been here nine hours now, but I already love it.  It's a lot to take in, but there are already plenty of experiences that make it worth it.  My favorite thing so far was when we sang The Army of Helaman Primary Song, and we substituted the line "we will be the Lord's missionaries" for "we are now the Lord's missionaries."  I'm so happy to be out here preparing further to serve the people of Cincinnati   I know that's where the Lord wants me.  Thanks for all that you guys did for me over the years.  I love you all. 

Love, Elder Foote