Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feliz Christmas y un Happy Año Nuevo


Just in case you were wondering what language I speak on my mission, the subject line to this email is a great example...

Well, this week was Christmas!  We got invited to eat at a ton of places.  I was more full on after the 24th than I think I've ever been in my whole life!  I also got super sick of tamales.  I had a ton of normal tamales as well as some Dominican tamales made out of yucca root and platano.  Between the 24th and the 25th I spent Christmas with people from: Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the U.S.  

It was good to talk to you all on Christmas!  I enjoyed hearing about all of the crazy stuff going on in Eagle Mountain, and it was good to be able to share a little bit more about what's going on out here.

I'm trying to think of anything out of the ordinary to write, but really it was a pretty average week other than eating way too much and trying to develop some better relationships with the members.  I tried to take more pictures than usual this week, so I'll send a bunch to you.

Sorry this is shorter; time is once again pretty limited today.

Have a great week!


Elder Foote
Best Tamales He's Ever Eaten
Christmas Skype
Elder Foote's Christmas Stocking
Christmas Tamales
Elder Foote and Elder Elbaba and a Dominican Family
Christmas Crab
Elder Foote's Family Photo
Elder Foote's Fierce Family
Elder Foote, Elder Elbaba and Luz
The Elders at a Member Christmas Party
Christmas Pinata
Lots of Rice For Christmas