Monday, March 23, 2015

Best Enchiladas in the Whole World!!


It's been a super busy week.  We went to the temple, which was amazing!  We also had interviews, which went really well.

I think last week I told you about a guy who we found who told us he had gone to church in North Carolina.  Well this week we met with him and had a pretty interesting experience.  We taught him, and for the whole lesson I had a really good feeling about him.  At the end I invited him to by baptized, and partway through the extension he said no, but very forcefully.  He then explained that he had already been baptized (which is what most people we teach say), but then he went on to explain that when he was baptized they put him under the water and brought him back out, and then he was baptized by fire and the holy ghost when they put their hands on this head.  Well that sounded a little familiar...  So turns out he was baptized in North Carolina in our church!  We found yet another long lost less active!   

This week we had a huge miracle.  We have been trying to get in contact with a less active family ever since we got here, and this pastSunday they came to church.  We were having a tough time contacting them during this week, but we finally caught them home on Thursday.  They have a 10 year old son who isn't baptized, and a month ago they had been talking about having him baptized on his birthday, which is this week.  We asked them if they were still planning on that, and they said they were, so we started teaching him again and got him reading in the Book of Mormon.  He's now going to be baptized this Saturday!  We're super excited!

We also had a great lesson with a less active and her friend this week.  It was a great lesson, and the friend is seriously considering baptism for the 18th of April!  They also made us the best enchiladas in the whole world!

That's about it.  Nice job Trevor on mowing the lawn!  Have a great week!


Elder Foote

P.S.  Yes I got your package.  This neighborhood is a lot safer than the one I was living in before. =)  Thanks so much!
Elders Having the Best Enchiladas in the Whole World!
Dayton, Ohio Spanish District at the Columbus, Ohio Temple