Monday, May 4, 2015

The Trio


Buenos dias!  (that means good morning...)

No les voy a mentir, this was a pretty busy week.  We are in the process of switching our focus from some of the families that had a lot of potential but are no longer progressing to some amazing new people we found.  We've got some sweet people we're working with.  So most of the people I have taught don't really know anything about their "religion", but one of these new families we've found is very devout in their religion.  That might sound like it would make things more difficult, but it's actually a good thing in this case because it means that when we explain the message of the restoration to them, they have questions and are very interested in what we say.  We had a great lesson with them this week about the Book of Mormon with our branch president.  We also stopped in one day and found them having a family barbecue outside, and they invited us right in and we got to talk to a lot of their family!  Turns they have a cousin who lives in Utah and is Mormon!  I'm super excited for these people!

This week we went on exchanges with our English zone leader, so we were in a trio for a day!  He (Elder Klodnicki) came into the mission when I had been out 1 transfer, and now we're both back in our first areas and he's my zone leader.  Kind of funny how things go full circle...  But anyways, he was called to go to Brazil, but ended up staying in our mission, so he knows Portuguese, which is kind of like Spanish.  So he was able to understand the majority of what happened during the day, and he even shared his testimony in Spanish and read a bit out of the Book of Mormon.  Champion!  But is was super nice being in a trio.  We could go anywhere we wanted and we had another person to testify with us.  So that was my trio experience for the mission.

I think last week or the week before I told you about how we went to contact a referral that was really far away in a city that I had never been to before?  Well, the member who gave us the referral texted us on Friday and said that her friend wanted to come to church!  We gave her the details and told her we would be waiting for them.  We didn't hear anything else about it.  We were 20 minutes into Sunday School (we have Sunday school first) when the door opened and they walked in!  This member had picked up her friend and had driven nearly a half hour to get to the church!  They both had a great experience, the member shared an powerful testimony in sacrament meeting, and I had the opportunity to give this investigator a blessing after the meeting.  It was a great experience.  It was such a great example of member missionary work. 

I don't really have too much else to say.  We taught a lot this week.  We're doing everything in our power to baptize in May and keep this area progressing.  People are starting to realize that I go home soon, and it's pretty funny to see their reactions.  Most people here see me as a permanent fixture of the branch, so it completely throws them off to hear that I'm leaving.  It throws me off too.

Have a good week!


Elder Foote

Picture: me and my friends the Sniders 


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